The Product

The team behind BrewBook.

Core Team

Behind the wheel on the development side you find both Gustaf and Leonard working as the core product team, and other talended collegues for specific tasks, we are responsible for all code that gets written to BrewBook. We make sure requested features get implemented and that bad bugs get removed. We joyfully assist both our customers and collegues with technical expertise.

As a prospect or existing customer you are guaranteed to talk with Anders who is our sales representative.

Beyond the core team
Beyond the core team you find people like who Victor who is responsible for our website and Vendela who copy edits. Even though the core team around BrewBook is light, PositionEtt is a large and well established software company with both dedicated IT and Support.

Our Company

PositionEtt - two decades of experience.

At PositionEtt, we've delivered tailor-made solutions for many years. Keys to our success have been our intense customer focus and our long-term thinking.

We don't believe great companies are just lucky, instead they have contemplated thoroughly. Today it's increasingly harder to become a successful company without embracing information technology. With tailor-made software we believe that your business can grow more than you'd expect.


We are based in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.

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