Your brews in BrewBook.

Keep complete production records. It ensures higher product quality and better food safety for the consumers.

Made for Brewmasters.

The Brews module assists you throughout the whole brewing process and allows you to preload all of the ingredients, amounts and instructions from a saved recipe. The brew module allows you to work in a completely flexible manner.

Food Safety.

BrewBook is your permanent production ledger. It helps you to keep track of the contents of the products you've produced and shipped and helps you meet requirements for local laws and regulations governing the beverage industry. BrewBook enables both traceability and accountability.

Mobility in mind.

BrewBook is designed with mobility beeing its priority. The app both works and looks the same on your iPad as it does on your desktop. Now everything can be controlled directly from the factory floor with an iPad in your hands.

Centralized and available.

BrewBook is kept in our secure and highly available cloud and thus made available to you at at all time from any supported device with an internet connection. Whenever you change, update or add new data, it's made available to your colleagues. Backups are kept automatically and seamlessly to make sure you don't suffer any data losses.