Connecting your financials.

The financials module takes care of billing and integrates seamlessy with everything else.


Placing an order is hassle free. You simply click to choose a customer and start adding the goods. All settings and prices are automatically added. All of this can be done from the iPad. It ensures your salesforce works in a mobile manner.

Collective invoicing.

You can create collective invoices in a snap. When you choose to bill BrewBook automatically finds all related orders available for collective billing and creates one.

The best of two worlds.

With BrewBook you have the option to connect to Fortnox accounting. Simply place your orders and invoices in BrewBook and let your Fortnox account handle the rest. Read more about the integration here.

Alcohol tax reporting.

The alcohol tax report is a monthly task of high priority and of high risk. By traditional methods it's also been very easy to get it wrong. The stakes are big. BrewBook incorporates the essential tools you need to summarize your alcohol tax. Your report is easy to generate and it only takes you seconds.

Engaged salesforce.

Under the Users tab you can to follow your salesforce's performance. From the tab you can follow each individual's performance and their conversion rate from order placing to actual bill.