The forecast is a powerful new tool in BrewBook that allows you to plan your production and analyze your stock levels based on your existing data. Here we will walk you through its different components.

A screenshot of the forecast tool in BrewBook.


Access the forecast by navigating to Brewing then Schedule. Once here click on Forecast in the bottom left corner to open the forecast view.

Set Filters

Set what type of data you would like to to visualize by choosing between Stock, Sales or Production.

You can then choose how to represent the data for each article, and select to view them by their own unit or by a normalized unit.

Lastly, you select for which timeframe to represent data for.

Planned Production

The list above shows you what brews will be included in the charts. From here you can also edit a brew, simply click to view its details.

Filter Articles

Click to filter specific articles. Once you've toggled to filter an article or multiple, the chart will update to reflect the changes.

Analyze your current forecast using the chart

The chart displays the forecasted production data, stock levels or sales for your scheduled brews based on their size and planned production date. Each time an article is bottled or planned to be bottled the chart automatically updates to reflect the change in stock.

When BrewBook receives an order this would make the chart update. Compared to the forecast in the last picture, the forecast in this picture has a slightly dipping tip of its stock volume in the month of August.


The forecast also allows you to analyze your sales and production separately. In this mode, the graph displays the total sales for your article.

Remix your planning

The Gantt view allows you to visualize production plans in a simple and elegant way. It is fully interactive to allow you to click, drag and remix the way you want. There is no need to save, changes are saved automatically.

Generate a ingredient purchase report

To generate a purchase report click the create purchase report button in the bottom left corner.

Before generating a purchase report you can to select multiple options which you would like to be included in the report.

Any Questions?

Yes, you can use the forecast to adjust the start date of your brew to match your forecasted demand.

A planned brew is the status of a brew that you will actually make, whereas a preliminary brew is still only in the preliminary planning stages and might be subject to change by the brewmaster. In order to brew a preliminary plan, first, make it a planned brew.