Seeing what you have in stock.

BrewBook empowers you to keep a large variety of products while making sure the quality of each and everyone is at its best.

All in one place.

You can store all the information about your article in one place. You can define properties such as size, type, packaging, alcohol by volume, production cost, sales prices and much more. You can simply add stock to your products via the brew module.

Stock warnings.

You define your own stock warning levels for each product so that when your product is running low you can foresee and make more before it runs out.

Multiple warehouses.

With BrewBook you can define up to 10 different warehouses. Once stock levels are defined, transfers between warehouses are made with the click of a button.

Highly detailed.

With BrewBook you get thorough detail over your products. For each product, you see both what's available and what's reserved for each warehouse and for each brew.