It's about your customers.

The managment module stores and keeps your customer information relevant and handy.

Keeping a close customer relationship.

Keeping a personalized relationships with your customers as you grow is a big challenge. As you spend less and less time with each one it's hard to remember and keep up with important details. You run the risk losing customers. BrewBook makes it very simple to keep up with customers as you grow and employ more people.

All in one place. Accessible from anywhere.

BrewBook makes it possible you to manage your customer database from a single place. In the customers tab you get access to all your customers data including employees, addresses, contact information, pricelists and category settings.

Secure and GDPR Compliant.

Your connection with BrewBook is always encrypted. Information about your customers is easy to manage and review. The customer data you store in BrewBook follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive. Upon individual or government request BrewBook embodies the tools to gather, summarize and remove personal data.